Bahrain Women Association for Human Development

Bahrain Women Association BWA is a non-profit organization based in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. BWA mission is:

- Enabling women to assume a leading role in human development.

- Providing the necessary awareness, counseling and support to society members with a view to contain environmental and social violence, abuse and neglect.

- Effectively collaborating with all concerned organizations, associations and bodies on both national and international levels.

BWA general objectives are:

- Empower women to play a leading role in society according to social justice concepts.

- Enhance society awareness in terms of child abuse and neglect.

- Promote environmental citizenship principles and practices on both individual and social levels.

- Propagate modern cultural concepts in the spirit of human-wide culture.

- Educate different society sectors on their rights.

- Participate in the proposition and development of human development related regulations.

- Contribute in the elimination of new forms of illiteracy resulting from knowledge acceleration.

- Enhance effective communication among various society sectors and social institutions and organizations with common interests.

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