March for Science Quotes

From George Washington Carver to Mae Jemison African American scientists have made tremendous contributions to America since its inception. That is why it is imperative and critical for the Hip Hop Caucus and young people of color to not only stand up for scientists but to ensure that their work is protected and respected for future generations.

Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr.
President and CEO
Hip Hop Caucus

Scientific research is critical to ensuring that our water is safe to drink, our food is safe to eat, our air is safe to breathe and that our environment is free of toxic chemicals. It is essential to helping us understand and respond to the effects of climate change and plan for its impacts on people, communities and wildlife. Put simply, the public benefit of sound science is immeasurable. Yet science is being attacked by those who don’t like or don’t agree with what we’re learning.

Jamie Rappaport Clark
President and CEO
Defenders of Wildlife