I. Arts-based lesson plans

* Walden 2009
* Paint it Green! Eco-Art Supplies
* Life, Death, Dirt, & Walt Whitman
* Conserving Water throught Art (K-4)
* Reduce Reuse Create Art

II. Multi-disciplinary Art Ideas

* Students can create eco murals in the school buildings or on the playrounds and outdoor spaces
* Students can create visual art, such as paintings and collages, focusing on nature, conservation, animal habitats and other environmental themes
* Students can create sculptures using recycled materials
* Students can view and screen films on Earth Day TV -- go to
* Students can create short films, podcasts, broadcasts, and videos about what their schools or communities are doing to help the environment and reduce waste
* Students can write essays and short stories pertaining to the environment
* Students can write poetry pertaining to the environment
* School newspapers can produce articles and special issues about the environment -- go to
* Students can engage in photography projects to document the natural environment in their communities or environmental degradation
* School music programs can produce concerts that have an environmental theme
* Students can write and perform songs pertaining to the environment
* Students can put on a dramatic production that educates students at an assembly about how each student can do their part to reduce, reuse, and recycle or other environmental themes
* Students can choreograph and perform dances with an environmental theme

III. Earth Day Event Ideas

* Create Earth Day posters and signs
* Create art works for display
* Have students make elaborage chalk drawings pertaining to Earth Day in outside spaces
* Establish eco-art awards and art competitions (e.g., song, dance, fashion, paintings, essays, poetry, sculpture, photography) based on themes pertaining to the environment such as water conservation, climate change, animal habitat protection, recycling, energy conservation, bike-riding and Earth Day.
* For many more Earth Day school activities and ideas, click here.

Most importantly, get creative!
Examples of Eco Murals in Earth Day Network's green school partners