Grand Rapids, Michigan

The city of Grand Rapids is currently focusing on climate mitigation actions, while beginning to plan climate adaptation efforts and reducing the city's carbon footprint to the fullest extent.
  • In 2006, the city's Strategic Plan was replaced by a Sustainability Plan.
  • In 2010, Grand Rapids adopted specific targets and outcomes within its Sustainability Plan, which aims to:
  1. → Achieve 30% energy use from renewable resources by June 2013.
  2. → Achieve 100% energy use from renewable resources by June 2020.












 Some notable projects include:

  • Reducing the city's energy consumption: reduce consumption to 103,000 MWh by 2013 (from 110,000 MWh in 2008)
  • Replacing windows and lighting in city buildings: single-pane windows will be replaced with more energy effiencient double-pane glass and the building lights will all be equipped with energy effiencient light bulbs.
  • Georthermal projects at fire stations
  • Solar panel project on the roof of the Water Administration Building
  • Installement of charging stations for electric cars
  • Green Grand Rapids Plan



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