Global Day of Conversation 2011 Highlights

Featured Update: Fayetteville, Arkansas

March 22, 2011
Mikel Lolley of Treadwell Institue talks about Fayetteville's Earth Day 2011 event lasting longer than just one day!



April 5, 2011

North Miami and Delmas, Haiti Partner to Plant 1 Million Trees

North Miami, Florida has partnered with BioPlanet USA to jumpstart the One Million Trees Miami campaign on April 29th. This is the first campaign of its kind in South Florida, with a sentimental mission behind it all...


March 28, 2011

Bay Area Civic Leaders Engage on Green Energy: San Francisco Bay Area, California

“This is about adaptation and resilience,” said Aaron Lehmer, an organizer with the event organizer from a local non-profit Bay Localize. “We need to adapt to an energy future that is resilient enough to withstand climate change and extreme weather systems and recognizes that fossil fuels are becoming increasingly scarce...


March 1, 2011

Looking Back at Global Day of Conversation 2010 Cities Series: Washington, DC

Of all the cities in America, Washington, DC should have heard President Obama’s State of the Union address the loudest and clearest, and under Mayor Vincent Gray’s leadership, the city is showing that it has.  The nation's capital is taking great strides to boost the growth of green jobs,” among other environmental improvements...


February 18, 2011

Global Advisory Committee member Mayor Greg Nickels is featured as a guest columnist on the Seattle Times

Climate-change legislation might have bogged down in the U.S. Congress, but guest columnist Greg Nickels argues there is plenty for U.S. citizens and local governments to do so they aren't left behind the other 192 countries striving to meet Kyoto Treaty targets of emissions reduction...


February 14, 2011

Looking Back at Global Day of Conversation 2010 Cities Series: Lewiston, ME

With some of the Northeast’s oldest housing stocks, Lewiston’s political leaders recognized that energy efficiency through weatherization would be the greatest immediate positive impact the city could make on its environmental footprint. Through the work of the city’s Energy Saving Committee, Lewiston saved over a million BTU in gas from 2009 to 2010, cutting down by more than half their fuel usage and expense...


January 31, 2011

Looking Back at Global Day of Conversation 2010 Cities Series: Burbank, CA

If Hollywood is where all of the celebrities go to play, Burbank, California is where they come to work. The city of big motion picture studios was also one of EDN’s Global Day of Conversation 2010 cities. Burbank’s “Ghostbusters of the environment”, the Burbank Sustainability Task Force, represents stakeholders of all sectors and meets every month to discuss plans to engage the community through sustainability...


October 10, 2010

From Gulf to Gulf: Gulf Shores, AL

It was sobering to see just how strongly the local economy is dependent upon, and yet vulnerable to, oil production. Oil revenues heavily support the community, but rig explosions and oil spills puts its fishing and tourism economies in danger...