Fayetteville, Arkansas

In the history of Earth Day, Fayetteville has had the longest continuous Earth Day festival during the month of April 2011
Last year, the city successfully hosted more than 50 events in 14 days, with the intent of revealing and advancing sustainability locally as well as obtaining commitments and Earth Day resolutions throughout the community.
For Earth Day 2011 and 2012, the city of Fayetteville distributed an "Eco Passport": a guide for residents to community events, green events, and eco-conscious businesses. These passports also contained the Proclamation in support of Earth Day, signed by the city's mayor.
The city of Fayetteville is focusing on increasing climate mitigation efforts and reducing the city’s carbon footprint to the fullest extent.
Some notable projects include:
- The renovation of public schools to meet LEED standards
- A Clean Energy Plan Signature campaign
- Building Eco Modern Flats
- A LEED Platinum apartment complex
- An upgrade of the residential building code
- A $50 million Performance Contract for Energy Efficiency with the University of Arkansas

Named Volunteer Community of the Year for the 3rd year in row

Recognized as Top 100 Place to Live by Relocate America

The Mayor's Corner - Guest: Mikel Lolley, Earth Day NWA 2012
Click here to see Fayetteville's
2012 Eco-Passport