School greening should expand beyond the property of the school to be a take-home message. Transportation is just the vehicle to deliver this sustainable message! How students and staff get to and from school is an essential component of school greening. Well-developed school transportation plans should increase the number of children walking or biking to school, decreasing traffic and emissions. This is much healthier for the children, discouraging obesity and getting them outdoors. The exhaust from idling school buses and private vehicles contains harmful substances in the form of particle pollution and poses an unnecessary health risk for children, drivers, and the community at large. Compounded with health hazards, idling wastes fuel and adds carbon and pollutants to the atmosphere. For children who live too far from school to walk, bus policy should be modified to make the ride as clean and healthy as possible. Part of being a green school is ensuring that students have a safe and healthy school experience from the moment they leave their homes until their return.



How do you get to school? Walk, bike, scooter, drive, bus, skip or hop? Send us a photo!

Background Document

Learn why outdoor learning is important and several ideas for creating a successful outdoor classroom.

Student Action Plan

Want your class to spend more time outside? Read this doc for all the information you need to convince your teacher and raise the resources to be able to GO OUTSIDE!

Teacher Lesson Plan

Teach your students about the importance of the vital, yet limited resource of water.