Schoolyard & Outdoors

How much time do you spend outside? Recent studies have shown that children and adults now spend 90% of their time inside. We are beginning to see the physical ramifications of this fact through the rise in obesity, heart disease and diabetes among children. Although less studied and harder to quantify, psychological, emotional and educational consequences of so much time spent inside also exist. In the face of all this there has never been a better time to get schoolchildren outdoors to experience nature. School gardens have become a trend and outdoor educational opportunities are on the rise. And why not green your school in the process? A green school doesn’t just mean the school building. Did you know that there are certified “green” playgrounds and recreational equipment available? Well, now our children can play on healthy equipment, as well as learn from and enjoy pollinator gardens, educational wetlands, and lots of green open space from possibly the best teacher of all – nature.



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Background Document

Learn why outdoor learning is important and several ideas for creating a successful outdoor classroom.

Student Action Plan

Want your class to spend more time outside? Read this doc for all the information you need to convince your teacher and raise the resources to be able to GO OUTSIDE!

Teacher Lesson Plan

Teach your students about the importance of the vital, yet limited resource of water.