Danish Cultural Institute

Danish Cultural Institute

The Danish Cultural Institute promotes cultural exchanges, knowledge of Denmark abroad and supports projects that aim at long-term cooperation between foreign and Danish cultural institutions, artists and other professionals.

The activities are coordinated through the head office in Copenhagen and branch offices in Benelux, Brazil, China, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, the United Kingdom and a global network.

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary is protector for the Danish Cultural Institute.

Since 2009 The Danish Cultural Institute has supported and hosted the Art, Climate & Technology Project CO2 Green Drive that is designed to motivate the general public to take active part in addressing climate issues and the related challenges of transportation. This ambition is pursued by “tagging” cities across the world with a massive “CO2”, "E" or other city specific sign “painted” in normal traffic by a convoy of environmentally friendly vehicles equipped with Smartphone GPS tracking. As of March 2012 the project has been produced 11 times in cities across the world, including, Copenhagen, Milan and New York 

In connection with Earth Day 22 April 2012 the CO2 Green Drive team is setting forth a global event to shed new light on climate issues through the combination of art and technology. The activities is conceived to bring citizens, the private and public sector together to exchange best practices regarding sustainability in general and eco-friendly transportation in particular. At the same time it is the objective of CO2 Green Drive to cultivate the sense of a common goal among the stakeholders through this initiative.

As of 10th March 2012 CO2 Green Drive events are confirmed for New York, Dakar and Bangalore where the CO2 painting will be created by, respectively, electric vehicles, bicycles and runnersequipped with Smartphone GPS tracking.

Likewise, Rome, Santiago, Yokohama, Horsens (Denmark) and more cities are considering the project. 

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