Earth Day Network's Billion Acts of Green® Cities Campaign Commitment with Clinton Global Initiative

In the absence of a comprehensive international plan to secure a sustainable future, individuals, organizations, and businesses must embrace environmentally sustainable lifestyles and together secure a sustainable future for all. Actions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and greater efficiency must be embraced by all of society if the worst of climate change is to be avoided.
As national governments are currently unwilling to lead the way, it falls upon individuals, businesses, and local governments to take up the renewable energy standard.
'Earth Day Network’s 'Billion Acts of Green® - Renewable Energy for All' campaign has worked with these stakeholder groups to facilitate their adoption of renewable energy thereby reducing carbon emissions. Through this platform, EDN worked with individuals, governments, and businesses to reduce their carbon emissions collectively by one million pounds through renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.
EDN has engaged with each stakeholder group in the following ways:
Local Governments

Working with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and Applied Solutions, Earth Day Network provided participating governments with information on alternative energy and helped develop policies on renewable energy and energy efficiency that will reduce the government’s carbon footprint.

Participating Communities
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Bozeman, Montana
Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Babylon, New York


Earth Day Network has identified participants from the pool of Billion Acts of Green® activists and encouraged them to purchase renewable energy credits, install renewable energy technology, and embrace energy efficient appliances in their homes.


Earth Day Network worked with each participating corporation to develop an energy efficiency and renewable energy program that would set targets for carbon emission reductions through the purchase of energy credits, carbon offsets, and the installation of renewable energy technology.

With every participant, Earth Day Network worked with Native Energy to provide the tools to calculate the reduction of carbon output and through A Billion Acts of Green® campaign, provide a platform to share these efforts with the world’s leaders at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rio+20).
As a byproduct of these stakeholders’ transition to renewable energy sources, the initiative will reduce the world’s carbon emissions by 1 million pounds.
Building off of the amazing success of A Billion Acts of Green®, EDN’s Billion Acts of Green® – Campaign for Communities was developed to support the UN International Year of Sustainability for All (which calls for 30% renewable energy targets by 2030) and help communities focus on transitioning from conventional fuel sources to renewable energy. The commitment was launched at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference in September 2011. Every pound of carbon saved from this new campaign will count towards A Billion Acts of Green®.
To take participate in the Commitment, communities were asked to do the following:

- Encourage building retrofits throughout the community and lead by example where possible;
- Encourage the adoption of lower impact vehicles such as electric, hybrid and biodiesel and incorporate these in fleet replacement;
- Promote integration of renewable energy technologies on government buildings and throughout the community;
- Participate or host an Earth Day event(s) on or around April 22, 2012.

If you are a local leader or work with your local government and want your community to take part in this initiative for Earth Day 2012, please contact us at or +1-(202)-518-0044.

Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers at the annoucement of the Clinton Global Initiative Commitment
Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers at the annoucement of the Clinton Global Initiative Commitment
Below are some of our accomplishments working with local governments: