A Billion Acts of Green -- Renewable Energy for All

A Billion Acts of Green – Renewable Energy for All

Earth Day Network and tcktcktck are proud to announce a joint collaboration to mobilize communities worldwide to advocate for a sustainable future through the Renewable Energy for All campaign. The campaign will promote renewable energy initiatives and build support for comprehensive action at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 – the so called Rio+20 Earth Summit.

Earth Day 2012, which occurs eight weeks before Rio+20, will provide an international platform to mobilize support for the campaign and help to put pressure on governments to take concrete action at the Summit. With the support of millions of individuals, organizations, and governments, the campaign will call upon the world leaders at Rio+20 to embrace clean, efficient energy solutions and develop a comprehensive plan for sustainable development.

Specifically, the Renewable Energy for All campaign will call upon world leaders at the Rio +20 Earth Summit to:

·         Agree on a long-term vision that inspires decision makers, triggers incentives, and bases the green economy on a 100% clean and renewable energy system.

·         Commit to short and medium term actions to implement this vision. This means global targets for 2020, or at the latest by 2030, of:

·         30% energy use from renewables;

·         40% decrease in energy intensity, and

·         Universal access to modern energy services that end energy poverty: this includes clean, reliable and affordable energy services for cooking and healing, lighting, communications and productive uses.

·         Commit to national actions that can be implemented immediately (within a 3 to 5 year timeframe) that will put countries on an ambitious pathway to a cleaner and more efficient future.

·         As part of their action plan, also commit to phase out fossil fuel production subsidies within the next 3 to 5 years

Mark your calendars this Earth Day (April 22, 2012), and join Earth Day Network and tcktcktck as we work together with individuals and organizations all over the world to call for clean and efficient solutions that can provide sustainable (renewable, efficient and decentralized) energy to everyone on the planet.

Together we can inspire change and push world leaders to take bold energy action to benefit our climate.

How to Get Involved on Earth Day

The overall theme of this year’s Earth Day is Mobilize the Earth™. Social and environmental issues have taken a backseat for world leaders, but the world can’t wait. So this year, Earth Day is a platform to make noise – for everyone to come together, refocus our energy, and demand that something be done. Rally. March. Vote. Petition. Do something. All these actions count, and if we make enough noise, we’ll not only be making a real impact on our communities, the environment, society and the popular consciousness about the health of our planet, the powers that be will be forced to pay attention. Mobilize.

On 22 April 2012 hundreds of thousands of people will gather across the world to Mobilize the Earth™ on Earth Day. Activities will be as diverse and colorful as the people and places involved, but the joint Renewable Energy for All campaign by Earth Day Network and tcktcktck will be one of the key themes for this year’s Earth Day.

We hope to harness the energy on this day and capture the imaginations of those that are gathered to call on their leaders to ensure access to clean renewable energy for all. One way to join in the movement and help push for Renewable Energy for All is to host a Positive Energy Party in your local community. Positive Energy Parties will offer a chance for community members to voice their concerns about our energy system and work to promote renewable energy resources.