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World Oceans Day, One Global Ocean, The Ocean Connects us all

For many people, the primary service that the ocean provides is a nice beach vacation for families and friends to “get away from it all” and spend some time relaxing on the sand or swimming in the waves.  In reality, oceans serve many other purposes as well.

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Mount Everest’s Glaciers will be Gone by 2100

A study published in the journal The Cryosphere by European Geosciences Union, states that 70~99% of the glaciers in Mount Everest are predicted to melt by 2100.


What’s taking us from a 70% to a 99% reduction? Our action (or inaction) against global warming.


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World Environment Day, 7 Billion Dreams and One Planet

Responsibility and respect for the planet we depend upon is not only meant for Earth Day. Each day, individuals have the power to make a choice - to take actions that consider the environment’s well-being now and in generations to come. Humanity and its economy cannot exist without the Earth’s limited natural resources. Working together, with each other and with nature, is the only way to make a healthy, happy and sustained future possible.

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Drawing the Line: Setting a Better, Healthier Ozone Standard

Most people know about the Ozone hole, the thinning stratospheric ozone levels above Earth’s Polar Regions, but fewer know about ground level ozone.

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POTUS Joins Twitter and Gets the Climate Conversation Started

          Last week, on May 28, President Obama sat down to answer questions on Twitter. The new @POTUS twitter account has been active for just short of two weeks and already has more than two and a half million followers. The President put all of this exposure to good use, with just under half of his tweets so far focusing on climate change.

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The Learning Climate: Green Ribbon School Awards Ceremony

          Today I attended the Green Ribbon School Awards Ceremony where Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, opened up the celebration. His words resonated with the awardees and those in attendance, "[environmental education] helps develop student civic leaders."


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The Open Secret to Winning the Latino Vote: Go Green

As the 2016 election cycle gets underway, the media has been scrambling to figure out the latest voter polls, to predict the trends that will determine our next president. However, there has been one big voter development that we’ve all overlooked.

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Climate Change Takes a Backseat at Annual ExxonMobil and Chevron Shareholder Meetings

Unrelenting resistance accompanied last Wednesday’s shareholder meetings at ExxonMobil and Chevron as executives successfully fought all climate-related proposals made by shareholders.

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Tracking Bonn: The Opening Days of the Bonn Climate Change Conference

On June 1st, hundreds of representatives convened in Bonn, Germany to draft the United Nations agreement on greenhouse gas emission. If all goes well, they will walk out with a draft that will serve as the blueprint for Read More

Street Art Goes Green in Varanasi


Green Your City India Series: Green Varanasi

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