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A Crusade for Healthier Children Begins

This month, the USDA unveiled an initiative to help communities become more involved in school health and nutrition.  This plan will be put into action through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.

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Kabul: The Model City of the Future?

With a population of almost five million people Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan is already bigger than every single city in the United States other than New York.  Even more impressive is the fact that almost a decade ago the population of the city barely topped 500,000.  It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that Afghanistan is in the middle of a huge urban boom.  Today 1 of every 6 Afghans lives in Kabul.  For a traditionally rural country, the huge influx of people into urban areas is putting major stress on the capacity of the city. 

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The Struggle for Healthy Kids Continues


Imagine walking into a grocery store and hearing a child beg his parents to buy him strawberries, apples, or yogurt. In reality, you are far more likely to hear kids plead for ice cream or sugary cereals. For this reason, the healthy foods movement has recently gone to great lengths to begin to regulate the types of foods advertised to children. These new regulations could bring this imaginary scenario closer to a reality.

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Rapid Response: Don't Let Congress Cut the Lights on Energy Efficiency

The U.S. Congress is threatening to roll back a key energy efficiency victory our movement won in 2007. The "BULB Act" (H.R. 2417) attacks standards that would require new light bulbs to achieve higher efficiency levels - and it may reach a VOTE as early as Monday. 

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How Would You Like to Vacation on a Plastic Island?

Right around this time of year millions of people across the world are heading to the beaches for a summer vacation to enjoy the sand and splash around in the water. Maybe you are even one of them? If the answer is yes, here is something to think about:

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A glimpse into the future

We’ve had a busy week here in the education department at Earth Day Network. The Green Schools Program, with the support of the UPS Foundation, recently produced a webinar detailing the importance of biodiesel, and how to integrate its production into schools. This resource was created in conjunction with our work to build two biodiesel production labs at schools outside of both Boston and Seattle.

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US Court Rules on EPA Oversight of Aircraft Emissions

Today a US District Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency must move forward under the Clean Air Act and determine whether carbon emissions from aircraft endanger society.

This is an important move - air traffic accounts for vast amounts of pollution and fuel consumption. U.S. airlines alone used over 16 billion gallons of fuel for scheduled flights in 2010, a figure that is projected to increase.
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Building a Green Economy in Australia

Traveling through Australia, every day I am here I see examples of growing a green economy and creating new jobs while mitigating the dangerous effects of climate change.

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IMF Selection Advances Leadership of Women in the Green Economy

The International Monetary Fund seems to have recognized the power and value of women -- its 24-member, all-male board elected former French finance minister, Christine Lagarde, to be the new managing director of the IMF. Her selection marks yet another breakthrough for women in economic and political leadership – and reflects that the IMF wants fresh thinking, and that’s laudable.

“Business as-usual” thinking in countries and institutions worldwide has created inertia on climate change policies and an economic crisis – and it’s been dominated by men.

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Maryland High Schools Go Green for Graduation

Annie Stoller-Patterson is an intern in the Education Department of Earth Day Network

Next September, members of the Class of 2012 will return to Maryland public schools to finish their last year of high school.  But this year, their education will look a little bit different: Maryland high schools have gone green. 

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