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We are not powerless!

Today I was reading a piece in the New Yorker about President Obama’s trip to the tornado ravaged town of Joplin, Missouri. As he reviewed the aftermath, attended a memorial service and bared further witness to all this town has endured. The President said something that gave me pause.

"Such questions, the President went on, cannot be answered, as “these things are beyond our power to control."

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Green music anyone?


Creativity and dreams of rock stardom aren’t the only influences in the music industry.  Some musicians have combined their passion for the environment with their musical talents to produce some solid tunes that are also earth friendly as a part of the 2011 "Music For the Earth"  competition hosted by Earth Day Network and friends. 

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Check out this new green kid’s book – A Turtle’s Quest for a Cleaner Planet

We in the Education Department of Earth Day Network often receive requests to review environmental books for kids. It is exciting to see so many children’s authors tackling important environmental issues and putting a friendly spin to get kids excited and not overwhelmed when it comes to helping the environment. 

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World Oceans Day

Growing up on the coast of Florida meant not only warm winters and hot summers, more knowledge than I care to admit about mosquitoes, and a discerning palate for orange juice, but also seeing the ocean as not only as a part of the landscape, but as an important part of life to those on land and those who call it home. Having the ocean as such an integral part of my life, taught me that while this part of the Earth may be vast and daunting, it is even more so fragile and often falls victim to the small actions we make on a day to day basis.

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House Members Fight Against Healthy School Lunches

Even though the USDA and First Lady Michelle Obama

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The Educators’ Network 2.0 is Here!

Are you a teacher, parent or student interested in environmental issues? Having trouble finding quality resources related to the environment? If so, check out Earth Day Network’s newly launched learning platform to get the best resources and expert advice related to environmental literacy promotion. Read More

World Banking on Mayors to Combat Climate Change

A deal reached Wednesday, June 1, between the C40 Climate Leadership Group – a coalition of the world’s largest cities – and the World Bank promises new financing for sustainable development and the mitigation of dangers posed by climate change. The climate summit, hosted in Sao Paulo, brought together leaders of cities representing 297 million people - accounting for 4 percent of the world’s population, 10 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions, and 18 percent of its economic output.

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Saving Forests for World Environment Day 2011

Earth Day Network firmly believes that Earth Day should be celebrated every day. Here’s another opportunity to act for the environment – our partners at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are organizing events and a global competition for World Environment Day 2011 on June 5th. World Environment Day (WED) aims to propel environmental awareness and to serve as a day of action for positive environmental action globally.

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Janice Lin: Leading the Charge Against Climate Change

Our Women and the Green Economy campaign recognizes women who are leading the charge in mitigating climate change. Such women are found in business, government, the non-profit world and academia - while some even work across all those realms.

Janice Lin is an entrepreneur using her scientific knowledge and influence in business to urge government to carve a role for renewable energy storage in the massive electric power industry.

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Our Latest PSA, Featuring Mike Green

NHL defenceman Mike Green is an Athlete for the Earth. In our latest PSA, the star Capitals defenceman helps spread the word about the Billion Acts of Green campaign, calling on all of us to do our part.

You can watch the embedded PSA or stream it via YouTube.

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