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What Are You Doing for Earth Day?

The weather may still be changing but, believe it or not, Earth Day is just around the corner!  On April 22, people all over the world will join together to celebrate our planet; don’t miss out on the celebrations!  Many schools are not in session because Earth Day falls on Good Friday BUT there is still plenty of time to plan for your own Earth Day to get your students (and you!) excited about Earth Day (even if you don’t do it on the actual day).

Here are some ideas:

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Congratulations to the 2011 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners!

Grassroots environmental heroes too often go unrecognized.

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Women’s Voices ‘Vital’ to Sustain Our Future

In the 21st century, we still appreciate and commemorate the tremendous strides our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers made during the women’s suffrage movement.  However, we forget that work remains to be done to truly achieve an equal society and sustainable future for all.  Women are still under-represented in executive boards, political legislatures, and other decision-making bodies. Yet, we need women’s collaborative approach to problem-solving, and their creativity and leadership to grow a post-carbon economy.

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One Tree Planted for Every 10 Taiwanese

The island of Taiwan boasts 23 million residents, and thanks to the Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA), a tree has been planted for one out of every ten of them.

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The Gulf is Going Green for Earth Day 2011

The world is ramping up for Earth Day next week, and the Arab Gulf region is no exception!  In United Arab Emirates, Earth Day Network’s partner Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) has already held two events in Dubai as part of EDN’s A Billion Acts of Green®, the world’s largest environmental service campaign.

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"Let’s Get Planting!"

Since the United Nations dubbed 2011 the ‘Year of the Forest,’ many environmental groups across the globe are orchestrating mass tree plantings in order to reverse deforestation and offset carbon emissions. Since 2005, La Reserva Forest Foundation (LRFF) has been working locally to promote tropical forest growth in Costa Rica, and has decided to use Earth Day 2011 to ‘branch out’ and share their message with communities all over the world. 

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Be Creative on Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year in a variety of ways, through tree plantings, beach cleanups, community recycling drives, and many more eco-inspired gatherings. However, Splurge Art Gallery in Bucerias, Mexico has decided to take a different approach to their Earth Day celebration.

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Young Green Activists: Meet Earth Day Education Director

Come check our Education Director, Sean S. Miller, at Busboys and Poets this Thursday night for a free reception to celebrate his new book on growing the sustainability education movement. Sean recently helped write "The Young Activist's Guide to Building a Green Movement and Changing the World" with Sharon J. Smith, the former director of the Brower Youth Awards.

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Pick Your Favorite Earth Day Theme Song!

Looking for a dance hall beat with a green theme?  A new Earth twist on an old R&B riff? An electro paean to the planet?

Wondering what songwriters and musicians are doing in honor of Earth Day?  Wonder no more!

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100 Events: Earth Day India to Make History

Earth Day India Director Karuna Singh reported today that her phenomenal organizing team has scheduled 100 events all over the country.

Working with regional governments, educational institutions and internationally renowned non-profit organizations such as Ela Bhatt's Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA), Earth Day India will be educating students, teachers, and government officials about all aspects of the environment. "It almost feels like Earth Day 1970 in the US is being replicated in 2011 in India!" Karuna said.

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