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Mayor Villaraigosa issues a call to action

In his first speech as President of the US Conference of Mayors at their 79th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa put out a call to action to mayors across the country, “We need to tell the Congress loud and clear - at least observe any good doctor's Hippocratic Oath: Do no harm.” Using the example of the House of Representatives bill HR 1 to illustrate the need for Congress to support local communities, Mayor Villaraigosa emphasized the impact cities have on the economy of the United States of America and the importance of implement

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What One Community Can Do

By Nicole Holstein, Intern, Earth Day Network

Having grown up in West Virginia, I can trace my family history back to the settling of the land in the late 17th century – before West Virginia coal mining helped fuel the U.S. as an industrial nation and secured its status as a world power. The coal industry was our “friend,” fueling our economy, our nation and our families.

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tree hugger  noun, : environmentalist
2; especially : an advocate for the preservation of woodlands

That's the definition that most likely comes to mind for people when they hear the term. Some see it as an unflattering name for an environmentalist. The truth however is a much more surprising and empowering story.

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It's the Green Economy, Stupid.

President Clinton is right on the mark in his latest Newsweek piece.
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On this Father's Day

My daughter Dee Dee was born on Fathers Day at Marineland, a marine park in Florida. As a marine biologist this was a special Father’s Day gift for me, and an auspicious beginning for her.

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A Toast to Scotland’s Green Future

Earth Day Network Intern - Shela Suh

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Google invests 280 million in SolarCity

It looks like someone is taking alternative energy seriously. Where are the other venture capitalists and firms with ample resources to get the green economy going?

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Fix it up and wear it out, make it do or do without

Earth Day Network Guest Blogger - Christina Dubin, MS Ed, RYT - West Newbury, MA -

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The Act of Green of the Week - Don't buy bottled water

Our act of green of the week comes from Ann Lin who is urging us all to reconsider our consumption of bottled water.

The manufacturing of bottled water wastes a lot of water. So, don't buy bottled water, use a water flask.

We are depleting local acquifers worldwide. There's also the issues of pollution from discarded water bottles which we don't recycle. Lastly, let's not forget the amount of fuel used in making water bottles and transporting them.

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