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School Inspires EDN-India Staff with Art Exhibition

Birla High School  in Kolkata invited Earth Day Network-India Country Director Karuna Singh to open their environmental art exhibition on January 22, 2013. And we want to congratulate the students for their fantastic work!

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NAACP: Coal Plants Disproportionately Affect Communities of Color

A recently-released study by the NAACP found that the United States is home to 75 coal-fired power plants that contribute extensively to environmental and public health hazards in disadvantaged communities and communities of color.

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Journalism Awards Deadline: February 28

There’s only ONE MONTH left to enter the Healthy and Sustainable School Food Journalism Awards competition!

Here are the basics:

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Earth Day Network–India Launches “Go Organic” Campaign

Organic foods and other organic products are not on the usual list of purchases for the people of Kolkata. To build awareness about the benefits of going organic, and to showcase what organic products are available, Earth Day Network-India has launched the “Go Organic” campaign.

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Backseat Buddies Rolls Into Kolkata Car Show

Earth Day Network–India was at Kolkata’s annual, major draw event, the Vintage Car Rally, promoting Backseat Buddies, our student carpooling campaign.  This year’s event was held on January 13 at the army stadium.

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Earth Reel – The Real World Captured on Film

This week, Earth Day Network-India announced Earth Reel – a film competition to awaken interest in the environment and build awareness among Indian youth about critical environmental issues.

The competition has been developed keeping in mind the strong influence the film medium has on young minds, coupled with the belief that youth can play a major role in spreading awareness about the many environmental problems the world faces today. 

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Union Station to Celebrate Earth Month 2013

Earth Day in Washington, D.C.? How about Earth MONTH!

Earth Day Network has teamed up with Union Station – one of the nation’s most iconic and historic transportation hubs and a must-see destination for every visitor to Washington – to present Earth Month.

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D.C. School Gets Green Outdoor Classroom

Earth Day Network recently completed the installation of an outdoor classroom at Yu Ying PCS Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. The facility – a storm water pond observation deck with benches and a trough for collecting water samples – will also bolster the school’s application for the U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon School Award.

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Goodbye, Aaron Swartz. The Fight for Openness Continues.

Almost a week ago, the world lost one of the most amazing and effective voices for democracy on the Internet. His name was Aaron Swartz, and he was a computer programmer, writer, political organizer and activist. Aaron was one of the cofounders of the website Reddit and co-authored the RSS standard.

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EDN Launches Student Carpooling Campaign in India

Earth Day Network has a fun new campaign to promote carpooling among students in India: Backseat Buddies!  

In India, not all primary and secondary schools have buses. Backseat Buddies encourages students from the same locality to travel together to and from school, instead of traveling in individual cars. This not only cuts down on carbon pollution and conserves resources, it helps to allieviate the severe traffic congestion in many Indian cities.

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