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A Fruit Orchard Blooms in Lexington, KY

Last Friday, our Education team broke ground on the fruit orchard at “newest career and technical high school in Lexington, Kentucky,” the Locust Trace Agriscience Farm. Through the generous support from The UPS Foundation, we were able to plant multiple peach trees with several representatives from the school, and we hope to plant up to a thousand (including a native chestnut forest) over the next school year!

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GUEST BLOG: We Won! (MobilizeU)

By Ramesh Rajesh, Regional Coordinator, MobilizeU, Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, India

My team and I were determined to make India win MobilizeU, Earth Day Network’s global inter-varsity environmental competition. And we did – despite the tough competition, the gruelling summer heat, exams and all other college pressures.

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Earth Day Network Launches First Large-Scale School Biodiesel Facility in Appalachia

Earth Day Network, in partnership with The UPS Foundation, today unveiled the first large-scale biodiesel production and education facility at a school in Appalachia. The facility was installed at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, Kentucky.

And that’s not all. Tomorrow, we’ll be planting a fruit tree orchard at the Locust Trace Agriscience Farm career and technological campus in Lexington.

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Earth Day Network Convoy on the Road to Rio

From June 20-22, the eyes of the world will be on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. World leaders, drawn by the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (aka “Rio+20”), will decide whether and how to deal with a broad range of issues that affect the environment. Earth Day Network will be there to make sure your voices are heard.

Rio+20 is a chance to move away from business-as-usual and act to end poverty, address environmental destruction, jumpstart the green economy and chart a course to a sustainable future. Read More

On Endangered Species Day, Help Protect Yasuní

Today is Endangered Species Day, a day to learn not only about the importance of biodiversity and how to protect threatened species, but to have hope that through awareness, education and personal involvement, we can make the term “endangered species” a thing of the past. Earth Day Network, as a member of the Endangered Species Coalition, is committed to this goal.

As we look at what we have lost, we need to remember that we can take steps every day to protect what we still have.

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Earth Day 2012 Mobilizes India

Earth Day Network catalyzed and coordinated over 1,000 events in India for Earth Day 2012.  These events spanned all of India’s states and geographic regions; from the Himalayan region to rivers valleys, coasts, deserts, and biodiversity hotspots in India’s Northeast and in the Western Ghats, there were multiple programs in all. More than 35 million people participated.

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EDN-India Holds WAGE Discussion, Synthesizes Rio Recommendations

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Earth Day Network (EDN), in collaboration with Aspen Institute India and the Public Relations Society of India, Kolkata chapter, organized a Women and the Green Economy (WAGE)® luncheon in Kolkata on April 26. Read More

Fort Wainwright forges a foundation toward solid sustainability

For Earth Day 2012: Mobilize the Earth, Earth Day Network worked with over 1500 local government officials from across the world and in all 50 U.S. states to engage them in Earth Day events. These local leaders and elected officials are at the forefront of addressing the impacts of environmental challenges facing their communities while at the same time struggling to balance budgets, create jobs, and produce energy savings.

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Recycling 101 in Today’s Electronic World

Recycling, a term that grew to international importance almost four decades ago, is commonly represented by images of blue plastic bins and bottle drives. However, in a 21st century, electronic-dominated world, recycling solely aluminum cans or plastic water bottles is not the only game in town. “E-waste,” waste from printer cartridges, mobile devices, and other small electronics, needs to become a more integral part of the recycling equation.

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Earth Day Network Coordinates Large Tree Planting in Belgium

Through a grant from the UPS Foundation, Earth Day Network recently worked with partner VBV, the Association for Forests in Flanders, to plant 8,000 trees in Flanders, Belgium. 

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