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Soil is Cleaner than Oil

Let’s examine Nigeria:  Increased oil exports coming out of the Niger Delta have facilitated rapid economic growth - in 2013, GDP peaked at an all-time high:  $522.64 billion, up from $4.2 billion in 1960.  This seems like good news, but the economic gains from oil exports are ultimately unsustainable and are not doing much to alleviate poverty.


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How Can a Handful of Scientists Obscure the Truth on Global Warming?

Why does American politics seem to consistently lag behind the public and the rest of the world on major scientific issues in terms of action? Does the “debate” over climate change feel familiar? 

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Will Geneva Be Enough?

Negotiators have met for the latest climate conference in Geneva, Switzerland with a heavy burden on their shoulders. “Many issues that could have been resolved in Lima were pushed into this year’s negotiations instead” said Samantha Smith, leader of World Wide Fund’s Global Climate and Energy Initiative.

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Is Your State One of the Top Ten for LEED Green Building Certifications?

On Wednesday, the U.S Green Building Council released their annual list of ten states with the most LEED certified buildings per capita.  2013’s big winner was Illinois.

Topping the list once wasn’t enough for them.

In Illinois, a grand total of 174 buildings became LEED certified in 2014, amounting to 42 million square feet—that’s about 737 football fields. 

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Say Goodbye to the First Near-Zero Emissions Coal-Fueled Power Plant

FutureGen would have been a technological advance like no other. Designed as a first-of-its-kind, near-zero emissions coal-fueled power plant, the Department of Energy (DOE) has decided to cut funding to the power plant.

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Filtering Out Our Plastic Patchwork Quilt in the Pacific

One of the biggest environmental challenges we face is how to clean up the largest garbage dump in the world. And in case that’s not difficult enough, let’s remember that this dump is in the ocean.

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Nature’s Lingering Beauty

As advocates of conservation we seek to inspire compassion for nature. If you ever start to forget why we stand up for the environment, take a look at trees through the eyes of a poet.

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Will Obama's 2016 Budget Pave the Way for Climate Action?

“Deep, persistent drought. Longer, fiercer wildfire seasons. High tides flooding downtowns. Severe storms wreaking havoc. This is the picture from the front lines of climate change in communities across America.”



Yesterday, President Obama proved his commitment to fighting climate change in his 2016 budget proposal.

Out of his $3.99 trillion budget, billions have been set aside for ambitious climate action programs.

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Are Renewables as Cost Effective As Fossil Fuels?

A new report by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) this month asserts renewable energy generation is now cost-competitive with fossil fuels, despite falling oil prices.

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If Everyone Who Watched the Super Bowl Planted a Tree

So, getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday, we talked about how incredible it is that 100 million people tune in to watch the game (and the commercials, of course!).  100 million people.  That’s a lot!  And that’s what we at Earth Day Network need –for millions of people around the world to take meaningful action to build a healthier environment and confront climate change.

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