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Environmentalism is catching on at The Independent School

Ayden Bolin, Guest Blogger, Junior at The Independent School, Wichita, KS


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Education for the Future in Nigeria

Earth Day 2015 represents an opportunity to convene and facilitate conversations about sustainability in Lagos, Nigeria. With this year’s theme “It’s our turn to lead,” Resource Innovation and Solutions Network Nigeria (RISNN) calls for strong leaders that will strengthen the country’s capacity to respond to its most daunting economic, social and environmental challenges.

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The Art of Sustainability at Mount Holyoke College

Earth Day Network’s MobilizeU campaign is an international movement of concerned and active university students mobilizing their campuses. This Earth Day, Mount Holyoke College participated by inviting artist Jay Mead to campus. In the many challenges we face in the future, creativity is at the forefront for helping us understand and develop solutions for a healthier planet.

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California Governor Orders Stricter Climate Regulations

Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order establishing a target of 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

The governor recognizes climate change poses a threat to the well-being, public health, natural resources, economy, and the environment of California as a result of climate change. Governor Brown explains, “I’ve set a very high bar, but it’s a bar we must meet. It’s a bar not only for California, but it’s a goal for other states, for the United States as a whole, and for other nations around the world.”

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The Vatican Holds a Climate Change Conference

Pope Francis convened a one-day conference on climate change on April 28th in the Vatican. The conference comes before Pope Francis is expected to deliver a papal encyclical in June, highlighting environmental degradation and the effects of climate change.

The conference, hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, brought together around 60 Catholic leaders, economists and scientists, including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who spoke of the crucial role that people of faith can play in mobilizing the planet to address global climate change. Read More

Climate Education Week School Trips with NASA and Connect4Climate

Earth Day Network’s (EDN) Climate Education Week initiatives in Washington, D.C. have been an  absolute success. EDN, working in collaboration with NASA and the World Bank’s Connect4Climate, provided over one thousand students from the DC Metro area with a fun and interactive science extravaganza. Over the course of four days, students visited to the National Mall and Union Station to learn about the Earth, our changing climate, and how they can take action to protect our planet.

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School Kids Robotics Team Creates Sustainability Lessons for Elementary School Children

What will our world be like in a 100 years? You wake up and go outside, only to be welcomed by a fierce wind of hot, dry air, bringing a wave of trash with it. You bring your portable air breather, because all the clean air has been ruined by people polluting the air. The 4 seasons have now become only 2; Drought and thunderstorms. While this seems like a hellish environment, it will be so if we do not change our use of resources and burning of fuel.

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Iowa State celebrated Earth Week in a uniquely “eco” way

Iowa State University’s Student Sustainability Network was excited to kick-off the first annual EcoWeek weeklong event to celebrate Earth Week, April 20-26th!! A diversity of sustainability-minded and connected student organizations have committed to planning and implementation of at least one event resulting in a collection of unique, fun, active and green opportunities for the campus and community to take part in. 


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Coming down the mountain with a message

High Mountain Institute (HMI) celebrated Earth Day in Leadville, Colorado. Six Waste Warriors from HMI taught conservations lessons to 3rd graders at local public school, Lake County Intermediate. Lessons to the 3rd graders focused on calculating trash generated by the classroom each school year. Students then practiced their multiplication skills to calculate how much trash the entire school creates in that same year. Students were able to realize the massive amount of waste collected over time. They then collaborated with HMI Waste Warriors on ideas to reduce trash in their classroom.

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