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Is 100% Renewable a political issue? Afraid not.

To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the first Earth Day in 1970, Earth Day Network is asking cities to make the pledge to rely 100% on renewable energy by 2050. An ambitious goal to be sure, but one that many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, as well as several cities around the world, are doing right now.

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Maryland Terps Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day? More like Earth Month! 

At the University of Maryland, everyday is treated as if it were Earth Day. This year, the University will be hosting “Earth Month” to celebrate Earth Day throughout April. Earth Month consists of 16 different university events ranging from a “Careers in Sustainability Forum” to an “Urban Environmental Stewardship Conference” to the “UMD Earth Day Festival” on April 22!


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A Faithful Call to Action on Earth Day

As inheritors of a tradition of environmental stewardship that stretches back to the Book of Genesis, Jews know that we have a crucial role to play in protecting our planet and responding to climate change. We also recognize that our responsibility to care of the environment is not only part of our covenant with God to “till and tend” to our earth (Genesis 2:15), but also part of our covenant with our children, so that they may inherit a habitable planet.

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SynergY is going big for Earth Day in Dubai

Simran Vedvyas
Founder SynergY 
Youth Ambassador Plant for the Planet
Global Champion Earth Hour 2015

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Reforms Proposed Amid California’s Dangerous Drought

Empty lakes. Snowless ski resorts. Brown, fallow fields and dead vegetation. The scenes coming out of this California this winter have been striking as California goes through its fourth consecutive dry winter. And rather than hoping it will be better next year, many are wondering if this is a sign of climate change introducing a dangerous new norm.

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Is there a “War on Coal” In America? Industry Lobbyists Want You to Think So

With little political traction in Congress to move towards a renewable future, the EPA has been forced to take greater responsibility for addressing climate change and curbing fossil fuels. Over the past few years, they have done that in a number of ways, most recently producing regulations for states to reduce pollution coming from coal-fired power plants.

However, the corporate interests that have stalled action in other parts of the political arena have taken notice and will now bring the fight to the courts system.

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Coastal Areas’ Predicted Investment in Rain Boots

I own a pair. Do you?

Of course we know what rain boots are used for… Well, the rain. But what about having to buy a pair because your entire street is constantly flooded?  

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Planning Ahead By Looking Backwards?

As news has come recently of an unwritten policy mandated for Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection not to use the words “climate change”, “global warming”, and “sustainability”, it is important to underscore the necessity of state Climate Action Plans. Although Florida actually does have a state action plan which is designed to protected biodiversity (mainly in the Everglades region), the high level of denial of anthropogenic climate change in certain coastal regions is worrisome and potentially dangerous.

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