North Miami & Delmas, Haiti Partner for 1 Million Trees

North Miami, Florida has partnered with BioPlanet USA to jumpstart the One Million Trees Miami campaign on April 29th. This is the first campaign of its kind in South Florida, with a sentimental mission behind it all. Haiti is North Miami’s Sister City International partner, and they have organized an amazing campaign to bring sustainability to both cities. North Miami will be contributing 300,000 trees to The Tree of Life Forest campaign in Haiti, one tree for every perished victim of the Haiti earthquake. While a million seedlings will be planted throughout the campaign, a Tree of Life can be found planted in North Miami’s Kiwanis Park after the event, as well as another tree in Delmas, Haiti, in memory of the earthquake victims. Mayor Andre D. Pierre and North Miami’s Councilmembers will participate in the event to help strengthen the community in North Miami, while also bringing together an international community with a nation that has suffered so much. North Miami is a perfect example of the power and community-building that a Global Day of Conversation can bring to local governments.