Iraqi Leaders Kick Off April with three Global Days of Conversation!

From the East Coast of the US to Iraq, Earth Day Network’s Global Days of Conversation kicks off April in a big way!  Iraqi local officials in three different regions took the initiative to discuss major environmental challenges facing their community in a Global Day of Conversation for Earth Day 2011.

In Southern Iraq, the Subol Forum for Development (SFD) in Basra facilitated a discussion session at the Governorate Council of Basra with the Director of Environmental Department, professors from Basra University, representatives of the Health Committee, the Director of Basra’sWater and Sewage Committee, and NGO representatives.  The group addressed the major environmental challenges in their province, including desertification, dust storms, waste accumulation, and energy emissions.  The participants discussed solutions, such as planting trees in the community, adding environmental education in schools and developing strict environmental laws to protect their city and our planet. 

In the Kurdish region of Erbil, Earth Day Network’s partner Together led a discussion of international standards of environmental management with representatives from the Ministry of Oil, Petroleum Research and the Development Center of Baghdad, and North Petroleum Refineries Company. The group emphasized the importance of minimizing emissions that negatively affect the environment and reversing the environmental damage of the industry.

Finally, in Dohuk Province, the Kurdistan Civil Rights Organization (KCRO) is visiting areas of high water pollution and discussing problems of water scarcity and pollution with members of the Kurdistan Parliament.  Local officials welcomed these efforts and are working with the group to develop the best environmental practices that will help improve water quality in the region.

These remarkable events in Iraq exemplify the Global Days of Conversation mission to get citizens working with local government to develop a better future.  You can join the effort by contacting your local representatives and encouraging them to get involved with events and initiatives for Earth Day!