EPA Assault Endangers Health, Green Economy, Says Rogers

The U.S. House of Representatives leadership is putting the country's health and fragile economy at risk by attempting to gut the nation's landmark air, water and wildlife protections that Earth Day helped to pass over 40 years ago, warned Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers in a statement released this afternoon.

The proposed H.R. 1 takes direct aim at the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts, cutting the Environmental Protection Agency's budget by $3 billion, the largest cut in 30 years.

“At a time when we are already witnessing more flooding, increased heat waves, unhealthy air and the spread of infectious disease as a result of climate change, we cannot give away safeguards that protect the public, provide for jobs, and create innovation," Rogers said.  "The EPA must be able to prevent tens of thousands of people a year from asthma attacks, lung disease and heart attacks.

Rogers urged Congress not to handicap the U.S. renewable energy industry's ability to compete globally.  “Instead of cutting research and development for alternative energy and solutions to climate change, Congress needs to focus on measures to stimulate growth in a low-carbon green economy, or the U.S. will be left behind as other countries accelerate their development. We cannot rely on 19th-century technology to fuel our 21st-century future.”