TPM Cafe Lauds EDN Board Member's Call for Clean Energy Deployment Funds

A failure to recognize the dismal lack of funds for large-scale clean energy deployment is already having serious consequences for the success of American inventiveness, says Ken Berlin, General Counsel to the Coalition for Green Capital, and Earth Day Network Board Member.

In an article on "The Second Valley of Death," Berlin notes how the gap is causing U.S. leading to the production of  technologies abroad that were developed in US laboratories, as well as an erosion of our own technological ability.  To address the critical need to focus on funding clean energy technology deployment, the Coalition for Green Capital has released a first draft of a comprehensive, integrated legislative proposal.  In it, the Coalition proposes to make clean energy and energy-efficiency projects cost effective by providing low-cost financing and long-term tax incentives that encourage private investment and are implemented by and to benefit the private sector.  Read more at: