WaPo's DeBonis Cites Sean Miller on Healthy Schools Act Fight : Read the Article!

In the fight to preserve DC's Healthy Schools Act, Washington Post local politics columnist Mike DeBonis cited our own Education Director Sean S. Miller's testimony as a leading advocate. "The budget gap-closing gets down to brass tacks today, and all eyes are on Mayor-elect Vincent Gray. After attending Rushern Baker's inauguration as Prince George's County executive in the morning, he returns to the John A. Wilson Building where we will huddle with his colleagues for one last budgetary skull session.

What does he have to deal with? For one, he's got the Post editorial board and Jonetta Rose Barras telling him not to hike taxes and hew closely to Mayor Adrian Fenty's spending cuts, lest the control board come knocking again. Then you have advocates like the Earth Day Network's Sean S. Miller, who argues that cutting Healthy Schools funding would be "shortchang[ing] ... our children's future."

Even the process is under fire: Today's budget-cutting confab, the third that Gray has convened in the past two years, follows a series of private one-on-one meetings with council members, and the Examiner's Freeman Klopott airs complaints from Fenty campaign adviser Terry Lynch: "It gives the appearance that they're making deals on things that seriously affect the city's residents behind closed doors." So tell us, Vince: Isn't it good to be the king?"

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