EDN-India Launches “Bags for Earth” Campaign

Earth Day Network-India just launched its Bags for Earth campaign to help turn old clothes and other discarded cloth items into useful bags and provide a green alternative to plastic bags. The program launch was held in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Calcutta Yuvis at a housing complex in Kolkata.

We posed simple questions to people in the neighbourhood: “Have you ever thought of doing something useful with your old cloth? Have you thought of an alternative to plastic carry bags?” The many who answered in  the negative were eager to rectify that. “Bring us something old; take back something new and useful,” was the solution we provided. 

 Over a weekend, Earth Day Network organized for seamstresses with their sewing machines to be present at the complex so that families could bring their discarded clothes and fabric – dresses, curtains, sheets, etc. – which were turned into Bags for Earth on the spot.

Manoj Pasari, the Rotarian who coordinated the event, said that Bags for Earth was very useful in supporting the reduction of plastic use by providing a greener alternative and at the same time developing the concept of reuse. The Rotary Club will support the campaign going forward.

Because of the event’s success, Earth Day Network-India plans to take Bags for Earth to other neighbourhoods, apartment buildings, city malls, educational institutions, office complexes – anywhere there are large numbers of people who can participate and benefit – to build more and more awareness about the benefits of reuse and the need to reduce plastic waste.

The campaign is bolstered by the Supreme Court of India’s recent dismissal of a petition to allow more widespread use of plastic bags.