Mexico City Virtual Town Hall Joins Global Day of Conversation

On Tuesday afternoon, May 3, Mexico City’s Minister of Environment, Martha Delgado Peralta, discussed the city’s future green economy with her constituents in a virtual town hall as part of Earth Day Network’s Global Day of Conversation.  Over the course of several days, the virtual stage was set as many Mexican citizens posted questions for the Minister to answer.  

Delgado, who is a member of Earth Day Network’s Women and the Green Economy (WAGE™) Global Advisory Committee, managed to answer 26 questions, ranging from greening the city’s local economy to the environmental movement’s potential impact on Mexico’s 2012 presidential elections.  The common thread throughout this Day of Conversation event was the question of how Mexico City can be a leader in the green economy.

Minister Delgado stressed the importance of providing incentives to change the mindsets and lifestyles of people throughout Mexico. Delgado believes that fixing problems such as pollution of natural resources, waste management, and green energy requires social awareness and behavior change. The Minister used the issue of sustainable building as an example. Right now Delgado is working hard to find ways to give tax breaks to those who chose to build with green materials or convert their already standing buildings with more eco-friendly products. We are excited to see what her ministry implements in the coming months to address this!

To read all the questions and answers from Minister Delgado’s virtual conversation, visit El