Leading Indian Women Highlight Female Green Economy Leadership

India’s country-wide participation in Earth Day 2011 was a revival of the original 1970’s grassroots event. People young and old turned out for over 150 events and activities in all 28 states of the country. Activities, which lasted all month and are continuing into May, have been spearheaded by Earth Day – India staff out of Kolkata.

In a further nod to the 1970 environmental ‘teach-ins’, the India team organized a high-level panel discussion to build public awareness about a lesser-known barrier to sustainability – the lack of women leaders in building the green economy. This event was part of Earth Day Network’s ongoing international campaign for Women in the Green Economy (WAGE™). On April 21, 2011, at the Oxford Bookstore, Kolkata, India, Ms. Karuna Singh, Earth Day – India country director, moderated a lively discussion with sociologist Surendra Munshi, Sujata Sen, head of the British Council Division for Eastern India, Surojit Bose of PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Radha Bhattacharji, an expert in media. With a powerful opening invocation hymn by vocalist Sounak Chattopadhyay from ancient Indian texts that described women as nature, and the nurturer, they discussed the range of women’s roles in the green economy. In India and worldwide, women are the powerhouse of purchasing decisions, household and community change agents, and business and political leaders. By ensuring that women can take advantage of their important roles across society, business and government, the world can reach a green economy and sustainability.

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