UNEP Asks the Experts

Through Saturday, April 30, Earth Day Network’s own International Programs Manager, Irene Farrow, will be UNEP’s Expert of the Day! The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) presents the ‘Ask Today’s Expert’ interactive feature on its website to take questions and facilitate environmental discussion. The expert-a-day exercise aims to bring the environment into public consciousness and to create a healthy discourse on the major issues that affect the health of our planet and the sustainability of natural resources. 

Each Ask Today's Expert Session is about a particular topic or issue concerning the environment. Irene will discuss Earth Day’s significance in the global environmental movement. This topic is particularly appropriate given the global success of last Friday, the 41st Earth Day. Earth Day continues to be a rallying point for environmental advocates and organizers, and raises the standards for environmental action all over the world. Check out some Earth Day 2011 achievements and post a question for Irene!