Celebrating Women on Earth Day 2011

Here’s another reason to celebrate April 22nd, Earth Day: Women!

As Melanne Verveer, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, has clearly illustrated in her Earth Day 2011 message, women are at the forefront of developing and effecting innovative solutions to critical environmental problems.

Is it any wonder? Women, who are most vulnerable to environmental degradation and climate change, and who still experience discrimination in all spheres of life – both professional and personal – have been largely left out of the green economic revolution. But in order for the green economy to succeed, for sustainability to be achieved, for our planet to be saved, women will and must rise up around the world to be leaders of a greener, more sustainable planet for all.

At Earth Day Network we are leading the charge towards an inclusive green economy through WAGE™, our Women and the Green Economy Campaign. Since its December 2010 launch, WAGE has been engaging top women business, government, and NGO leaders in the creation and development of a global green economy through policy recommendations, public outreach, and research. By tapping into, linking and mobilizing the creative and emerging power of women, our goal is to create new thinking and leadership for a post-carbon economy.

As Ambassador Verveer so eloquently puts it, “Today, on Earth Day, we must remember that women are at the frontlines of conservation, and are changing the world for the better. We must find ways to help them succeed.” Please support WAGE™ and help us create a greener economy for all.