Kurdish Leaders Discuss Their Environmental Challenges

Earth Day is tomorrow, and Earth Day Network has been mobilizing local officials worldwide for weeks to discuss challenges and opportunities in sustainability with their communities through Global Day of Conversation.  The Kurdish region in Iraq has joined in this international endeavor to promote understanding and commitments at the community-level.

On April 11th, in Erbil, Iraq, community leaders met with the “Together to Protect Human & the Environment Association”  at their Global Day of Conversation event, where the 25 participants discussed how to better integrate resource management and renewable energy into their local economy and public services and governing systems.

Topics discussed included:

·    Applying theInternational Organization for Standardization’s environmental managementsystem to institutions

·    Tree planting and greening the landscape, in order to improve the local environment and help mitigate climate change

·    How to developenvironmental legal framework its enforcement

The group determined to continue holding meetings and planning sessions to pursue outcomes on these issues discussed. Global Day of Conversation is an excellent opportunity for communities to truly participate in the greening process, as is shown here in Erbil.

There are Global Days of Conversation going on throughout the month of April in honor of Earth Day 2011. Find one near you or encourage your representatives to hold their own!