Earth Day Volunteers Lend Helping, if Grimy, Hands in Panama

Earth Day is celebrated in over 190 countries around the world.  Though groups and individuals may celebrate it in different ways, the message is clear: people everywhere are concerned and passionate about saving our planet’s limited resources. One group in Panama is getting their point across by ... getting their hands dirty. Sustainable Harvest International, schoolchildren, and local residents of River Valley Charter School in Panama will improve their outdoor environment by planting vegetable gardens, establish tree nurseries, build wood-conserving stoves and much more.

Founded in 1997 by returned Peace Corps Volunteer Florence Reed, Sustainable Harvest International is a cross-cultural and environmental NGO that addresses the tropical deforestation crisis in Central America by providing farmers with sustainable alternatives to slash-and-burn agriculture. Through programs like their Smaller World Tours, this nonprofit takes volunteers to farms in Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

In honor of Earth Day 2011, each student participating in this year's Small Worlds Tour through Panama will contribute each act of environmental service to A Billion Acts of Green® and encourage others in their community to do the same. So far they have accumulated 910 environmental actions and the total is still climbing!

On April 22, take inspiration from this group and volunteer some of your time to an environmental cause!