The Gulf is Going Green for Earth Day 2011

The world is ramping up for Earth Day next week, and the Arab Gulf region is no exception!  In United Arab Emirates, Earth Day Network’s partner Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) has already held two events in Dubai as part of EDN’s A Billion Acts of Green®, the world’s largest environmental service campaign.

Schools play a critical role in preparing the next generation of global environmental stewards, as teachers instill invaluable environmental consciousness in children.  However, it is essential for teachers to be well-informed on environmental issues and prepared in their classrooms.  On March 28, 2011, EEG organized a teachers’ workshop on the topic: “Sustainable Cities: Healthy Life” to give them the tools and knowledge to incorporate environmental issues into their lessons.  The workshop was attended by prominent speakers, including University of Jordan Professor Sa’eb Khresat, Saeed Al Abbar (Halcrow), Mr. Mohammed Al Hossaini (Bee’ah), Dr. Ryan Penny (The Wellness Brothers), Doug Cook (The British Embassy) and Abdul Aziz Malik (Dubai Roads and Transport Authority).

The next day, EEG organized a community lecture titled 'Save Our Forest,' which featured Professor Khresat’s presentation on the importance of forests for the balance of a human-nature relationship.  He also explained how stopping deforestation will curb carbon emissions and preserve invaluable forest services.

EEG and the United Arab Emirates are working to foster community dialogue, and to educate individuals and groups on the importance of environmental protection and preservation. What will you do to help educate your community for Earth Day 2011?  Go to the Billion Acts of Green website and tell us!