S.Korean NGO Celebrates Earth Day through the Arts!

Earth Day Network is proud to announce a new partnership for Earth Day 2011 with the Environment Action Association (EAA), a South Korean non-profit organization dedicated to combating climate change in Asia and the United States. To commemorate this year’s Earth Day, EAA has expanded its 10th Annual International Art Contest for a Green Environment­­­­­ to include students in both South Korea and the United States.

As EEA’s Soo Greenstein explains, the motivation behind the contest comes from the need for humanity to save the Earth from environmental degradation. “It’s our job to help save the Earth. The things we take for granted can be taken from us if we let it happen. Protecting the Earth is not a choice, but our responsibility to the next generation.”

Earth Day Network is extremely excited about partnering with EAA on their art contest, especially because it gives students from both countries the opportunity to explore the other country’s culture as they consider ways to care for the planet. If you are looking for new and exciting ways to get youth and schools involved in Earth Day, we have a multitude of exciting green lesson plans, as well as our own Earth Day Photo Contest. Contact our Education team for more information!  Also, be sure to check out arts-related Earth Day opportunities at Arts for the Earth.