USPS “Go Green” Stamps

Nothing warms the heart like listening to elementary school kids chanting “Go green! Go green!” while waiting in line to look at… stamps?  At Thurgood Marshall Academy Thursday morning, students from TMA as well as Savoy Elementary School got excited about the new line of stamps that USPS revealed – and that doesn’t happen often. These stamps aren’t your average American flag or spring flower stamps: these new Forever stamps are Go Green stamps that offer suggestions for reducing your environmental footprint. With advice like “ride a bike” and “adjust the thermostat,” these stamps are a wonderful reminder that “going green” can be pretty simple.

The unveiling ceremony took place in front of a budding garden that our very own Earth Day Network school garden team – Josh Volinsky and Maggie Ollove – created last summer. Tulips blossomed in the corner and lettuce poked its head out of the soil as the stamps were making their debut – who could ask for a better background?  Certainly not Lisa Jackson, the Administrator of the EPA, who spoke at the ceremony. She and Sean Miller – the Education Director at EDN – congratulated not only USPS for creating the stamps, but also the students at the two schools who worked hard to make their schools more sustainable and their garden plentiful.

They were right to recognize the students – without a young generation that cares about having a green school, we can’t hope for other generations to care about having green homes or green workplaces. It starts with these students, and their commitment and energy is really what allowed these stamps to be made. So let’s offer a big thank you to USPS, the teachers at Thurgood Marshall and Savoy Elementary, and most of all the students that will take the stamps’ suggestions to heart!