Gov. Richardson Keynote Pushes Clean Energy Reforms

9:20pm – Governor Richardson said the needs of climate change demand unprecedented international cooperation. He noted that the historical record shows that it takes about 50 years to transition from one major fuel to another, but the urgency of climate change says we don’t have 50 years.  "We have to develop it at a scale that will serve 6 billion people every single day, and that is expected to hit 9 billion by 2050," he said.  "We can sit back and say we’ll wait until the next election, until the political climate is better, we’re doomed.  I want to simply say that the urgency about policy solutions has never been as dramatic as it is today.  We need a GHG reduction policy nationally; it's imperative that we rein in GHG emissions with regulation."

Joking that New Mexico and California used to jockey for supremacy as clean energy states, he said that although NM has gotten to 30%, he saluted California Gov. Jerry Brown for signing a bill requiring 33% by 2020.

He said President Obama should propose two solutions to Congress: cap and trade with stringent time tables, and a carbon tax. “And if Congress fails to act, the EPA needs to move ahead with its rule-making authority,” he said.  He ended by suggesting that Nancy Sutley, "who has the President's ear", tell him that "you're doing a great job, Mr. President, but we need to do more."