Climate Gala, Round Two

8:25pm -- Just before dinner, former president of Costa Rica Jose Maria Figueres commended EDN President Kathleen Rogers for celebrating women’s leadership in the green economy.

8:58pmMichael Haas, president of Orion Energy LLC, called himself an “ordinary person solving problems,” acknowledged the extraordinary people in the room and went on to say that “there is a lot for ordinary people to do”.   “Stop borrowing the future from our young people and start investing in them.  The clean tech industry is creating so many opportunities for young people. They are fearless, bold and enthusiastic and believe they will bring the innovation we need to solve this problem.”

9:04pm – “Fellow travelers on the road to a green economy”, said Vice Admiral (ret.) Dennis V. McGinn, new president of ACORE, "I am so honored to be here."  What is a retired admiral doing here talking about renewable energy?  Every war room needs an admiral!  The real reason I’m here is that America’s energy posture is a real threat to our future, ecohnomially, politically and militarily."

9:12pm -- In commending Earth Day Network and Kathleen for honoring Lisa Jackson, "this extraordinary woman". Gov. Bill Richardson noted that "the EPA Administrator not only has to fight Congress, but all of the retroactive forces in all of the states. He added that "the environmental movement is not just climate change, but protecting our wildlife and clean air and our national parks."