Support Young Green Activists With New Guide!

If you’re looking to change the world for the better but don’t know how, start by reading The Young Activist’s Guide to Building a Green Movement and Changing the World.  

The new book spotlights winners of the Brower Youth Award (BYA), North America’s top honor for young environmental leaders.  Written by former BYA program director Sharon Smith, with several chapters contributed by Earth Day Network’s Education Director Sean S. Miller, the Guide is the first of its kind, a powerful and practical guide for environmental activism on schools and campuses nationwide.

It shares inspiring stories from some of the planet’s most effective leaders under the age of 23. And it equips the next generation of activists with the tools they need to put their passion into practice. The book features easy-to-follow guides on recruiting people to your cause, spreading your message via broadcast media and the Web, fundraising, and advocacy. It also includes tips on how students can boost the sustainability of their high school and college campuses and tips on how to launch a career in the environmental movement.

All proceeds from the book go directly to the Brower Youth Awards, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to help out young environmental leaders. Visit the Young Activist’s Guide website to order the book from the Earth Island Institute directly.  You might just learn a new trick or two along the way!