100 Events: Earth Day India to Make History

Earth Day India Director Karuna Singh reported today that her phenomenal organizing team has scheduled 100 events all over the country.

Working with regional governments, educational institutions and internationally renowned non-profit organizations such as Ela Bhatt's Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA), Earth Day India will be educating students, teachers, and government officials about all aspects of the environment. "It almost feels like Earth Day 1970 in the US is being replicated in 2011 in India!" Karuna said.

With a membership of close to a million, SEWA’s primary objective is to organize employment and self reliance for women workers who do not obtain regular salaried employment. Supported by the World Bank, SEWA runs “Green Livelihood” and “Green Energy” campaigns, encouraging forestry, vermiculture, water harvesting, operations and maintenance of water resources and rural infrastructure. For Earth Day 2011, it is planning events in 10 districts of western India.

In the ancient holy city of Benares, several departments at Benares Hindu University, one of India's best known institutes of higher learning, have agreed to organize Earth Day programs. Veer Bhadra Mishra (pictured), High Priest of the famous Sankat Mochan Temple and an environmental activist met with Karuna and gave his approval to the Earth Day 2011 Billion Acts of Green theme. Mishra has been a professor at the Benares Hindu University, and is recognized and much awarded for his work for programs to clean the river Ganges. In 1999, Time magazine recognized Prof. Mishra as a "Hero of the Planet' .