China Ditches Traditional Seal Fur for Lantern Festival!

Happy Chinese Lantern Festival!  Today's festival officially ends the Lunar New Year with a New Year’s Gala which features a special hostess. Traditionally, the hostess wears an elaborate dress that includes seal skin and fur.

The Canadian seal industry is a major provider of seal products to China. Canada’s Federal Fisheries Minister, Gail Shea, recently signed an agreement with the Chinese government to allow the company to export all seal products to China. Seal hunting is condemned around the world as a cruel and environmentally unfriendly practice, but the Canadian government continues to allow hunters to kill seals for their fur, meat and oil.

Luckily for the seals, Chinese environment and wildlife groups are taking action in their defense. Chinese online networks threatened to boycott watching CCTV New Year’s Gala on New Year’s Eve if the hostess wore a dress with seal fur. Due to the great pressure, the dress designer and hostess announced they would not use the seal fur for the dress on the Chinese New Year Celebration Evening Gala!

They showed again that individual and group actions make a difference. Join us in making a difference with your Act of Green!