Youth Speak Out! Climate Change Affects Us All

The lives of the world’s two billion youth are as drastically affected by climate change as anyone else.  But as world leaders sit down at the negotiating table at the 16th Conference of the Parties (COP-16) in Cancun, Mexico, it is not clear who is representing these individuals. The Children's Radio Foundation is making tremendous efforts with UNICEF's Unite for Climate initiative to elevate the voice of youth about the effects of climate change.  In much of the developing world, radio is the most accessible means of disseminating information and touching the lives of millions of people, particularly on the African continent.  

Children’s Radio Foundation has produced a series of radio features and podcasts, highlighting youth voices from Africa where they discuss climate change and how it affects their lives.  The young journalists, aged 15-18, mostly from rural Zambia, are passionate environmental activists. Unite for Climate is an online community of young people from around the world, working together to address climate change.  Their goal is to empower all youth in all countries.

So…negotiators…leaders…NGOs…individuals…the world…Listen! Earth Day Network is excited to work with our global partners.  It is so important that we listen to their experiences. Climate change knows no age or political borders, and it will take us all working together to create a sustainable future for the world’s children.