Higher Profits from Lower Emissions

As the move towards a green economy continues to develop, innovative firsts are bursting up all around us. Climate advocates have increased in numbers beyond the NGO and governmental realms. Today, corporate CEOs and the engineers they employ join our ranks as they push their companies towards higher profits and lower emissions. These corporate “Acts of Green” open many doors to creating a future of green business and a sustainable economy here in the United States.

This month, corporate trail blazer the United Parcel Service (UPS) released the newest in their line of fuel efficient and carbon emission decreasing delivery trucks named the CV-23. A spitting image of its predecessor, the new model boasts a lightweight ABS plastic frame which, along with LED lights and a modified engine, leads to an incredible 40% decrease in fuel consumption. Not only has a new body meant easier repairs and a more fuel efficient vehicle, but the production of these new delivery trucks uses less energy to produce than aluminum vehicles. Such fuel efficient innovation is reminiscent of some of their previous successes, including UPS’s “right turn” strategy (taking more right turns than left to avoid idling in left turn lanes) which helped save over 30 million miles of driving – including three million gallons of fuel and $600 million dollars a year from the change – and decreasing service vehicle’s carbon emissions.

While Capitol Hill anxiously awaits new climate change legislation, entrepreneurs are taking steps now to not only shrink their carbon footprint, but to add a boost to company savings. UPS’s dedication to innovation and development sets an example of the key role corporate entities play in moving our nation to a more sustainable economy. It is the hope of businesses like UPS, that small steps in product innovation can lead to larger changes and in turn a greater effect in combating climate change.