Countering Climate Change through Education in Bangladesh

The Iroquois people have a well-known saying: In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation. Sadly, generations of policy makers in industrialized nations have failed to heed this simple wisdom. The world’s youth have the responsibility of fixing the mistakes made in the past. The more we do to prepare them now, the better-equipped they will be to clean up the mess.

In 90 Bangladeshi schools, the Ashrai education and development non-profit organization is doing just that.  Recognizing that the children of today­ must be prepared to fight climate change, they have stepped to the plate, using Earth Day Network’s free online environmental and climate change lesson plans in their Earth Day 2011 observances.

Already the country most affected by climate change, Bangladesh was ground zero for the tsunami of 2006, which left an indelible impression on the Bangladeshi people that climate change is not a theory but a reality wreaking havoc on their nation.  Earth Day Network is proud to work with tens of thousands of organizations in places most directly affected by climate change, and hopes more will follow Ashrai’s example and teach the children of the world how to create a sustainable future.  Be sure to share with us what you’re doing for Earth Day this year!