Why Would a Man Bike 600 Miles in Winter in a Kilt?

Earth Day Network has proudly partnered with Rob Roy McGregor, co-owner of Borderland Bike Billboards and founder of Bike4Trees, on his third annual bike ride to raise awareness among Americans of the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. Mr. McGregor contributed this blog post before departing on his 600-mile ride late last week.

As I sit here looking at my bike billboards here at the warehouse in the New Year, I cannot help but reflect on how I got here, where I am going and why.  In the space of a little over two years, I have gone from working in sales, marketing and advertising for a technology company with a carbon footprint of approximately 26,000 pounds per year, to founding Bike4Trees and co-owning a bicycle advertising business called Borderland Advertising, based in Knoxville, TN.  At the beginning of 2009, I needed change in my life.  I wanted to stop driving.  I wanted to promote trees.  When I started building my own little green American dream, all I knew was that I wanted to ride my bike and promote green living and green jobs.  In the summer of 09, my simple “Go Green Express” My Space page became Bike4Trees and, in July of last year, with my friend Bob Reahl, we started Borderland Advertising to provide a carbon-free source of marketing.  

My carbon footprint today is 4,000 pounds per year, maximum.

Mentally preparing for my journey, I am comforted by the thought of all the amazing people I will meet and share ideas with and the excitement of hope!  I will start biking out of New Orleans with my friend Donnie Hinske, heading northwest towards Dallas looking for the best way to navigate to my destiny.  We will arrive in Dallas for Jan 21st Super Grow 45, the final tree planting of this year’s NFL Tree Planting project, to help plant 350 trees with fellow volunteers.

I am thrilled to pull a bike billboard with a message that I hope will inspire people to take action, get outside with their families and enjoy nature!

More to come about my journey, so stay tuned.