Spotlight Green City: Santa Fe, NM

Earth Day Network is excited to partner with the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico as part of the Green Cities campaign. The campaign is focused on helping cities achieve a more sustainable future through improvements in efficiency, investments in technology, and regulation reform.

Santa Fe has shown a clear commitment and dedication to sustainability through its nation-leading Green Building Code. The code requires developers to build houses that reach high levels of sustainability across six different categories. Rather than mandate specific actions that need to be taken, this innovative code gives developers the freedom to find the most cost efficient ways to make their buildings sustainable. Benefits for residents include lower operating costs, increased comfort, improved environmental quality, and enhanced home durability with less maintenance.

Earth Day Network is also excited to have the support of the Santa Fe’s mayor, Javier Gonzales. Mayor Gonzales is dedicated to making his city a green example for the rest of rest of the country and Earth Day Network could not be more proud in helping to make that dream a reality.

Earth Day Network is actively working with the sustainability committee, Sustainable Santa Fe, to act as an advisory board to determine the best course of action moving forward. Santa Fe and Earth Day Network will look for ways to best promote new programs while both parties will also work to improve programs and regulations already in place.

Earth Day Network is thrilled about moving forward with Santa Fe to make the Mayor’s sustainable vision a reality. Together we can make a difference that will inspire cities across the country!