Latin America and the Caribbean Preparing for Earth Day

All across Latin America and the Caribbean, individuals and organizations are gearing up for Earth Day.

The island of St. Kitts and Nevis, for example, will be home to the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society’s Earth Day “Clean Island Sweep,” where they will teach the public the importance of caring for their island through several waste management activities. This year, the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society will also be adding the “Environmental Fun Day” for children to teach them about the environment.

Meanwhile in Guatemala, Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Altiplano is planning to host a full day of Earth Day activities for the public. The activities will include a seminar on how to preserve Lake Atitlán, a crucial water supply source, as well as a water treatment demonstration and other activities focused on water resource protection and conservation. The university will also be hosting a campus wide clean up and education session on how to recycle properly.

Then, in Chile, students at the International Preparatory School will be spending this Earth Day working on a project where they will be in charge of designing a sustainable city. The students will have to take into consideration many complexities that are involved in designing a sustainable urban landscape, including water management, waste disposal, energy production, transportation, energy efficient buildings, lifestyle choices, and food production. There will also be a variety of other environmentally-related school activities and guest speakers.

As usual, Earth Day 2014 should be a huge success in Latin America and the Caribbean.