New Resources for Climate Change Education Released

Over the last several months, Earth Day Network Education Director Christine Robertson has been working with the Climate Change Environmental Education POLCA (Project-based Online Learning Community Alliance) to create a set of resources and suggestions for anyone teaching about climate change.

The Alliance has just released the resources to the public—including “research findings, standards, and teaching suggestions appropriate for social studies, language arts, science, and interdisciplinary teaching/learning.” We encourage all educators to take a look.

The Alliance—part of the EPA’s EE Capacity project and affiliated with the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)—was formed in the spring of 2013. 25 educators were selected from a pool of nearly 100 applicants. For most of 2013, the educators collaborated to create a comprehensive set of climate change education resources.

The project intended to provide strategies and tools for teaching climate change; create a “dialogue-centered” approach to the issue; develop a product that was useful for educators across many disciplines; emphasize both global and local approaches; and function in formal and informal educational settings.

Congratulations to Christine and the POLCA team! Be sure to check out the resources and share them with your friends!