California Takes Big Step to Encourage Urban Farming

Governor Jerry Brown is doing his best to make California an even greener state. On September 28, 2013, Governor Brown signed a law called the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act. This act, which is set to go into effect on January 1, 2014, gives tax breaks to property owners who lend their unoccupied land to urban farmers.

The reasons for signing this act are to turn formerly vacant land into productive farms, to provide stability for small scale farmers, and to encourage people to purchase local foods in order to decrease their carbon footprint.

This act helps to reduce the carbon footprint of consumers by providing more outlets for them to purchase local foods. Local foods are much more environmentally-friendly because they’re not responsible for the carbon emissions associated with transporting food across the country. Local foods also have the advantage of being fresher and healthier.

This act not only reduces the carbon footprint of consumers, but it also provides jobs. Farmers who were struggling to make a living on borrowed land will find some stability through the usage of this vacant land. As for the Californians who are lending their land, they receive a much-needed tax break.

The benefits of this legislation are numerous. The act will transform California’s unused land into productive and visually-appealing green spaces, helping farmers, landowners, and consumers along the way.

“Slow-local food tastes better, it’s healthier for you, and it’s better for the environment,” said one local food advocate. “When I see these types of gardens sprouting up throughout the city I am inspired by them, and am committed to helping expand this movement.”

Earth Day Network commends Governor Brown for this environmentally- and socially-conscious solution to the problem of vacant land in California. We hope that it encourages California’s consumers to eat local. As part of A Billion Acts of Green, the world’s largest environmental service campaign, Earth Day Network is encouraging its followers to do the same. PLEDGE TO EAT LOCAL TODAY!