Earth Day Network Educator Wins Golden Apple Award

Last month, Jill Kryzinski was awarded the Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching.  Only ten teachers in Illinois receive this prestigious award each year.  The Golden Apple Award recognizes Jill’s zest for teaching, dedication her students, and willingness to go above and beyond for her students.  Jill has taught science at Bloom High School in Chicago Heights, Illinois for over a decade.

Earth Day Network is excited recognize Jill’s accomplishment because we had the honor of working with her through our Educator’s Network. In 2008 Jill and her students participate in EDN’s National Civic Education Project (NCEP).  Through our work together, Jill and her colleague, Barry Latham, helped students undertake a green transformation of Bloom High School.  The project included installation of solar panels, construction of a greenhouse in the school courtyard, tree plantings on school grounds, dissemination of recycling bins throughout the school, and a green cleaning makeover of the janitor’s closet.

EDN congratulates Jill on her award and for reminding us what a dedicated and motivated teacher can accomplish.  Jill’s exemplifies EDN’s commitment to supporting educators as they work to preparing our young people with the skills and knowledge to tackle environmental challenges.  To learn more about school greenings, check out our NCEP program.