The Face of Climate Change: Update, April 15

With only one week left until Earth Day, the Face of Climate Change campaign is going strong! Thank you for the photos and stories that you’ve shared with us. The impact that climate change has had on your lives—and the efforts that you are making to fight it—are truly inspirational.



Here are some new highlights:

The Face of Climate Change is in Boždarevac, Serbia, where a group of schoolchildren participate in a recycling program.

In Comalapa, Guatemala, two women plant avocado trees. The trees provide a valuable food source, help to prevent soil erosion, and play a vital role in the carbon cycle.

In Subang, Malaysia, young students pledge to do their part to protect the environment during an environmental education lesson.

To learn more about The Face of Climate Change, click here. To see the global mosaic, click here.

Meanwhile, Earth Day is just one week away! In Mumbai, India, the Sanskar India Foundation (SIF) will spend the day working on a campaign to ban plastic bags at the CST and Churchgate Rail Stations in downtown Mumbai. The foundation will offer reusable bags to travelers in the station to educate them about recycling. After the event, organizers will follow-up with 100 schools across Mumbai to educate students about environmental issues. The National History Museum of Jamaica in Kingston will also host an Earth Day event. They have planned a 2013 Earth Day Competition for secondary students around the country. Students are asked to submit individual entries in literary arts, posters, and photography categories focusing on water conservation and climate change. Winners will be announced on April 23 at a special ceremony at the Museum.

Thousands of other events will take place around the world on April 22. Find out how you can get involved.