The Face of Climate Change – Update, April 3

We continue to receive dozens of powerful images every day—each one showing a slightly different interpretation of The Face of Climate Change.

Here are some recent highlights:


The Face of Climate Change is in Inner Mongolia, China. Once a fertile area that relied upon forestry and agriculture, Inner Mongolia has fallen victim to desertification, crippling the local economy. In Sofia, Bulgaria, the Face of Climate Change is environmental activism. Hundreds of Bulgarians took to the streets in the Save the Forest demonstration, protesting deforestation in the region.


In Krabi, Thailand, the Face of Climate Change is the disappearance of some of the earth’s oldest relics. Fossilized shells—estimated to be 75 million years old—are slowly being swallowed up by rising sea levels.

Show your Face of Climate Change to the world:

Meanwhile, Earth Day is fast approaching. On April 22nd, approximately 35,000 people will gather in Santa Barbara, California for Earth Day. The event will feature performers, a green car show, a Kid’s Corner for education, and a Live Green station, where people can learn about ways to reduce their carbon footprint. The Danish Cultural Institute also plans to honor Earth Day through their CO2 Green Drive. In at least 22 cities around the world, runners, bikers, and pedestrians will use their cities as canvasses. GPS technology will mark their routes as they travel around the city, spelling out “CO2” to raise awareness about the consumption of fossil fuels.

Earth Day events will be taking place all around the world! Find out how you can get involved here